View/ Print the handout for each of the following topics:

  Embracing The OTHER Job Market

Achieving CareerFIT : Assessment leading to your communication strategy

  In Sync Personal Marketing Collaterals Starting with a GREAT Resume template

HOMEWORK for “Your LinkedIn PRIMER: TASK#1“…

 How to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile

  Be A LinkedIn PRO

 YOUR Personal Marketing PLAN including your LinkedIn Profile–“Digital Collateral or Collateral Damage?”

PMP Implementation including a look at “Leveraging Your LinkedIn Network”


What IS Next Right Opportunity for YOU?

  Turning Opportunities to INTERVIEWS

Closing The Deal I: Understanding interviewing process and Strategies, including ‘MoneySpeak’ and PRE-Offer negotiation

Closing The Deal II : Interview TACTICS. including POST-Offer negotiation



From my presentation of Your DIGITAL Footprint

The PowerPoint Slideshow

 From Recent Speaking Events…


How to Create INTERACTIVE Communication

Engaging The Careerpilot is as simple as 1-2-3

***BEST Outside Resources***

Everything a job seeker needs…


…and my favorite, generic site:

QuintCareer Resource

…also worth checking out…

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