Update for next year’s DFWCareerpilot offering will be posted soon… Thursday mornings at The Egg and I will continue, starting January 5th.

My plan is to offer ‘Special Topic’ webinars and ‘CORE MODEL’ webinars on a regular basis…

CORE MODEL Webinar will be a much shorter presentation of a key strategic model–followed up by a Thursday morning PRACTICE session.

My plan is to present a CORE TOPIC Webinar, monthly, in rotation, until we have a full set of recorded webinars. 

All webinars will be package priced, along with other ‘benefits.’ Stay tuned.

Thursday morning, FREE workshops will continue, rotating through our CORE TOPICS… January 5th we will focus on RE-Starting in the New Year, covering the material from “Implementing Your Personal Marketing Plan.”

So, for now… relax and enjoy your holidays!!  Have a safe and sane time of rest and celebration with family and friends.

LAST CHANCE to register: A Career Transition WORKSHOP… 8:30 AM to 1 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison

This is a very special opportunity to kick-off a new work search or RE-Energize a “tired search.”  We will explore all the implementation models of the whole job search process -AND- have time to practice and develop our skills. 

1) Preparation for an efficient and productive transition…

2) Setting your Personal Marketing Plan and setting implementation strategies…

3) Turning leads into interviews…

4) Turning interviews into offers

5) OPTIMIZING your offers.

Come prepared with your ‘toughest’ issues and questions. 

LUNCH IS INCLUDED…General admission fee will be determined by total number of participants sharing $500 TOTAL fee…payable at the door, so please arrive by 8:20 AM…THX


WEBINAR Registration for Thursday, December 8th at 9 AM… TOPIC: RE-Energizing a “tired” Search

OK, unemployment gets old quickly… hard to stay motivated… hard to stay positive… hard to stay actively PRODUCTIVE…

So NOW WHAT???? Your Career Compass

Analyze your recent activities… actual contact count,   interviews, research time, practice time, etc.

Learn and build from your successes… When did you most recently feel good about RESULTS–what would you repeat?
Consider new approaches or develop new skills… Have you overcome call reluctance yet?  Can you deliver your verbal collaterals conversationally?  Do you need to update your use of technology or other professional skills?