LAST CHANCE to register: A Career Transition WORKSHOP… 8:30 AM to 1 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison

This is a very special opportunity to kick-off a new work search or RE-Energize a “tired search.”  We will explore all the implementation models of the whole job search process -AND- have time to practice and develop our skills. 

1) Preparation for an efficient and productive transition…

2) Setting your Personal Marketing Plan and setting implementation strategies…

3) Turning leads into interviews…

4) Turning interviews into offers

5) OPTIMIZING your offers.

Come prepared with your ‘toughest’ issues and questions. 

LUNCH IS INCLUDED…General admission fee will be determined by total number of participants sharing $500 TOTAL fee…payable at the door, so please arrive by 8:20 AM…THX


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