THIS WEEK’s Event: Thursday, February 16th @ 9AM at The Egg and I Restaurant (NW Quadrant of Arapaho and Montfort) in Addison

Thursday morning’s workshop will focus on the elements of and implementation of YOUR Personal Marketing Plan.   A well thought out PMP will assist you in ‘getting the word out’ effectively and productively and communicating yourself effectively… it is one of our Core Topics:

“Creating and Implementing YOUR PMP” 

Map to The Egg and I

Our Location

  Come prepared to work on YOUR Personal Marketing Plan.   We will cover preparing for collateral development, developing your PMP, and implementing it to score high quality interviews.

YOUR Personal Marketing Plan, and consistent attention to it, is the driving force of a successful work search.  This is a good session for job seekers who feel they have not performed well in their search efforts… or those involved in lengthy searches where they have received inadequate offers.  Bring a guest!

 Who should attend this week?

  1. Those who are just starting or re-energizing their active job search;
  2. Those seeking a systematic, focused, more predictable way to conduct an effective job search effort;
  3. “Regulars” who need a ‘booster shot.’… and bring a guest;
  4. New Comers and tire kickers… this is a great session with which to supplement your job search effectiveness!

      Schedule of future webinars


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