Second Call: Thursday morning, June 28th at The Egg & I Restaurant in Addison (NW Quadrant of Arapaho and Montfort (1 blk east of tollway)

Call or email Bob to schedule your personal block of time…for you and your ‘accountability partner’ to meet with YOUR Careerpilot regarding…

  • Acountability Teaming, or…
  • Practice of specific skills, or…
  • Resolving specific implementation issues, or…
  • Personal Market Plan Development

Any or all of the above is fair game, but you must schedule with at least a partner (2-4 person teams will be scheduled).  Your partner can be a guest or other new comer… FIRST Timers are encouraged to participate!

Looking for a partner or team member?

Simply make your request as a new discussion item in our LinkedIn Group:  DFWCareerpilot … or as a COMMENT to another individual request.  Remember, this is all about INTERACTION as a focal point of your career transition efforts!

NEXT ACTUAL WORKSHOP is Thursday, July 5th: LinkedIn Task#2, with a focus on developing your network.

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