NEXT week Thursday is available time for Individuals -or- ACCOUNTABILITY PAIRS/ Teams…

Thursday, October 11th represents a scheduling conflict for us at The Egg and I… So, in place of our regular GROUP session, I offer FREE 1/2 hour blocks of time for either individuals (engaged clients will have priority) -or- Accountablity Pairs/ Teams.  This might be a great time to find yourself a job search “buddy.”   Simply call or email me before Wednesday noon to schedule your time slot.

New to DFWCareerpilot, or wanting to ‘kick the tires’ of accountability with a job seeking friend?  This available time is for both ‘regulars’ and new-comers to our Thursday morning group.

The article linked below was written in a job search context and applies to ALL job seekers …

QuintCareer Resource

Simply Click ON the logo above.

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