STAY POSITIVE as you ramp up your efforts in The New Year

In this week’s FREE workshop at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison, DFWCareerpilot, we will focus on ramping up your job seeking efforts in this New Year… for many, that involves a little “attitude adjustment…”

  1. Maintain ‘normal’ routine: The human body and its condition tends to fight change.  Don’t get into the bad habits of waking up late, ‘power naps’ in the afternoons or paying too much  attention to your ‘honey do list’ around the house and other distractions. Get up at your normal time, eat right and get some exercise (Walk your dog a mile a day whether you have a dog or not!).
  2. Stay current with what’s happening in your industry and chosen profession: Don’t let yourself fall behind just because you’re not working. The best approach is regular ‘market research’ of your industry and chosen profession as a regular component of your Personal Marketing Plan.  Not only will you be giving yourself useful new information—trends and opportunities—but also access to new contacts.  A very powerful by-product of this research is that you will be ahead of your competition when it comes time to interview. 
  3. Positive thinking:  Let your research draw your mind to future possibilities rather than past  negative assumptions – you need to be able to bounce back. Concentrate on the skills and knowledge you have and how they may best be applied moving forward. Sitting around with a “woe is me” attitude is only going to further depress you.  Your closest in ‘support group’ is your best ally, here.  It may seem obvious, but… Avoid negative people: Network with employed people instead of your unemployed colleagues!

Learn to Embrace The OTHER Job Market with DFWCareerpilot.  Attend this Thursday’s Meeting and bring a guest!  Better still, SHARE THIS POST with your network both in person and through LinkedIn.

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