TOMORROW’s Workshop: LinkedIn Task #2…Thursday, February 14th @ 9 AM at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison (NW Quadrant of Arapaho and Montfort, 1 blk east of Tollway)

Please SHARE this Post with a friend or two that you think may benefit from the information and interaction… Thursday, February 14th we’ll focus on TASK#2 utilizing your LinkedIn account… Developing your personal contact network.  We will have a guest c0-facilitator, Bill Fenson, a Job Search Specialist with the Wounded Warriors Program.

We ALL leave ‘digital dirt’ out on the Internet… what are YOU doing about it?

While times have certainly changed for most business functions, what with TQM, CPI, et al… it seems that the HR and recruiting departments are stuck in a time warp of sorts… they didn’t ‘get IT’ then, nor are they doing a much better job today. Recruiting the ‘right talent’ is at least as difficult as identifying and securing a job seeker’s next appropriate work—a good careerFIT for both parties.

While the ‘technology of job search and recruitment’ has changed (note: I did not say ‘improved’) considerably during the last generation or two…

Both sides of the ‘hiring equation’ still make excuses.  Companies still post boring jobs, hoping to find exceptional people where no one else looked before. Presentation is still more important than performance. Techies still overvalue experience and technical skills. Managers still over trust their ‘gut.’ And everyone still gets seduced by first impressions…

…Not to mention digital screening tactics.

The screening process, mired down by KEYWORD filters, still precludes people who have great ability, but without the so-called “proper” background or requisite years of experience to be considered. In our rush to hire at scale we still ignore the needs of those being hired and how they make decisions. Fulfilling needs has been replaced with expediency.

It’s surprising that HR still relies on the dogma of hiring practices 100 years old, and still believes that a 62% interviewing accuracy rate is acceptable. Despite their voiced desire for improvement, many still blame the government or their legal department as reasons for maintaining the status quo.

So why haven’t things gotten better for both the recruiters and the recruited?

 Who should attend Thursday’s workshop?

  1. Those who might ask… HOW do I get more benefit from my ‘digital footprint?’
  2. Those seeking a systematic, focused, more predictable way to perform well in their job search;
  3. “Regulars” who need a ‘booster shot.’… and bring a guest;
  4. New Comers and tire kickers… this is a great session to supplement your job search effectiveness with!

We meet  at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison

Map to The Egg and I

Come prepared to work on your LinkedIn account… YOUR “PRE-session HOMEWORK” is to increase your first level contact list on LinkedIn by TEN NEW individuals… and add ONE NEW GROUP to those you have already chosen.

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