THIS Week’s Workshop: Achieving CareerFIT…Thursday, March 21st@ 9AM … What is CAREER FITness?

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This Thursday, March 21st, we will focus on a strategic, more career-oriented, definition of FIT,  answering your questions and concerns at each step of the way… we’ll also get in to collateral development: resumes, correspondence, etc

NEXT Thursday, March 28th we will apply what we’ve learned in the development of GREAT collateral materials to our primary technology TOOL, LinkedIn.  Specifically we will explore the components of a LinkedIn Profile…our LinkedIn Task#1.

This Thursday will be a great place to start for new-comers as the other Core Topics will follow in sequence… THIS WEEK’s Workshop…  Achieving CareerFIT brings focus to those elusive decisions regarding positioning and targeting your efforts.  The first five steps of the 12 step process, from assessment to beginning the evolution of your LinkedIn Profile, will be discussed.

AND… there is another form of FITness to consider.  If you are a “normal, mid-life professional, you probably exercise from time to time, maybe have an under utilized club membership…  you try “diet of the month” programs to try to contain your weight gain (or loss)…You supplement fairly regular golf with quite irregular exercising.

Find an exercise that you can do while you’re reading (or watching TV) at home. That ½ hour it takes to read the paper in the morning (or watch a favorite morning news show) is a great time to be on a stationary bike… The keys, here, are to get some regularity and productivity out of everything you do while involved in career transitions.  Fuel your Market Plan implementation and engage your IMAGINATION, INTEGRATING your physical fitness with your career FITness.

While exercising, think outside the box regarding both positioning (differentiation in your marketplace) and implementation issues. Consider your action plan for the day ahead or debrief your morning interview… Research-Research-Research. Consider ways to increase your physical fitness while gaining productivity with your CAREER FITness.

Take your exercise to the next level by making whatever you do a regular event in your daily/ weekly routine. A reasonable goal would be half to a full hour of exercise every other day… with a day off to relax. A regular visit to a workout location or club is a terrific networking opportunity. Including personal contacts in to your growing routine is a great way to share the benefits of your activity with a colleague.

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