THURSDAY’s Workshop: LinkedIn Task #2…Thursday, June 6th @ 9 AM at The Egg and I Restaurant

Thursday, June 6th we’ll focus on TASK#2 utilizing your LinkedIn account… Developing your personal contact network.  Please SHARE this Post with a friend or two that you think may benefit from the information and interaction…

We meet  at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison, NW quadrant of Arapaho and Montfort… 1 blk east of the Tollway.

Come prepared to work on your LinkedIn account… YOUR “PRE-session HOMEWORK” is to increase your first level contact list on LinkedIn by TEN NEW individuals… and add ONE NEW GROUP to those you have already chosen.

Joining a network like LinkedIn is simple, but turning it into a powerful networking tool takes a bit of savvy.  This week we’ll learn how to build a network, leveraging your available time… and put it all to work — without HIGH TECH, social-networking anxiety.

 TASK #2  Build Your Network

Goal: Stay focused. 

Only connect with others who share your professional interests or are related to those interests in a complementary way… and can help you meet your goals.  After you have created your profile, it’s time to begin to connect to others.

LinkedIn will allow you to search for people you know to see if they’re already members. But once you connect to someone, you can also look at the profiles of anyone they know, and in turn anyone those people know. Because of these three degrees of separation, your network can grow rapidly. Before you begin connecting, decide who you want to connect to.

LinkedIn suggests in its FAQ, “Only invite those you know and trust.” 

I started with twenty contacts from my MSOutlook.  My first line has grown to over five hundred by accepting and sending out INVITATIONS to people I know, are likely to be interactive within our network, or who could provide resources to me or the Candidates I serve… what’s really impressive is how this translates, numerically, into your second and third lines of contact… we’re talking, WOW!!!

NEW COMERS AND TIRE KICKERS, please let us know you’re coming on June 6th…

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