There will be NO THURSDAY Event on Thanksgiving Day next week…

turkey-day Enjoy this day of thanks…

Between Thanksgiving and early January 2014, there will be no pre-scheduled Events at the Egg and I Restaurant.  In their place I am offering to meet with any ACCOUNTABILITY PAIRS (or TEAMS) to facilitate their activity… requests to schedule must be emailed to me at least two days prior to your accountability meeting.  Thanks, and enjoy this holiday season.

NEXT EVENT… Thursday, January 2nd at The Egg and I  Topic? Embracing The OTHER Job Market… an overview of DFWCareerpilot’s ‘new curriculum… a can’t miss meeting for you regulars and new comers alike.

EMBRACING The Holidaze

Our topic in tomorrow’s Event, Thursday, November 21st at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison (9 AM – 10:30ish) is a reminder for you to be Embracing The Holidays ahead.

In keeping with The Careerpilot’s Embracing The OTHER Job Market philosophy, here’s a look at the TOP TEN WAYS TO STAY POSITIVE as you ramp up your efforts in The New Year.


  1. Maintain ‘normal’ routine: The human body and its condition tends to fight change.  Don’t get into the bad habits of waking up late, ‘power naps’ in the afternoons or paying too much  attention to your ‘honey do list’ around the house and other distractions. Get up at your normal time, eat right and get some exercise (Walk your dog a mile a day whether you have a dog or not!).
  2. Stay current with what’s happening in your industry and chosen profession: Don’t let yourself fall behind just because you’re not working. The best approach is regular ‘market research’ of your industry and chosen profession as a regular component of your Personal Marketing Plan.  
  3. Positive thinking:  Let your research draw your mind to future possibilities rather than past  negative assumptions – you need to be able to bounce back. Concentrate on the skills and knowledge you have and how they may best be applied moving forward. Sitting around with a “woe is me” attitude is only going to further depress you.  Your closest in ‘support group’ is your best ally, here.  We will be discussing “Accountability Pairings.”  It may seem obvious, but…
  4. Avoid negative people: Negative thinking is of no value to you. You need to be around positive people and people who can have a positive impact on your life.  Staying with this concept…
  5. Support groups: You may feel as though you’re the only person in your situation without a job, but guess what – you’re not.  Reach out to people for support. There are many groups that provide excellent assistance in the areas of resume writing, interviewing, and job hunting. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Let people help you change your life.
  6. Explore potential new careers:  Is there a trend in the market that could be taken advantage of… is it time for a change?  Mid-career training and education has been the foundation of many “re-invented” careers.   It’s never too late to try to learn a foreign language or a new piece of computer software… or even gain some experience in a new function.
  7. Network: maintain contacts and stay in touch with people. Make sure you network with positive people!! Again, avoid negativity. Negative thinking does nothing to help your situation.  Remember The Careerpilot’s third waypoint… “Always have a next contact to make…always!”
  8. Volunteer: You can do this at a church, hospital, homeless shelter or non-profit organization will open your eyes to people who are less off than you and give you a sense of contribution. There is no greater reward than helping people who are less fortunate than us.
  9. Manage your expectations: Not every job you apply for will be a success. Don’t be put off by this. Instead, concentrate on the positives and look at what you achieve each day. Be accountable for what you do each week.  Last but not least…
  10. Don’t give up!  Jobs don’t find you, you find them!


THIS Week’s Workshop: Embracing The Holidays… an Opportunity…Thursday, November 21st @ 9AM

This Thursday, November 21st, we will focus on the unique, annual opportunity represented by the holidays -AND- overview the entire 12-step process, answering your questions and concerns at each step of the way… this is a great place to start for new-comers as the other Core Topics will follow in sequence. Please SHARE THIS POST with your network.

Who should attend?

  1. Those who might ask… What the heck is the OTHER Job Market?
  2. Those seeking a systematic, focused, more predictable way to conduct any career transition, including simple job search;
  3. “Regulars” who need a ‘booster shot.’… and bring a guest;
  4. New Comers and tire kickers… this is a great session with which to kick-off your job search effectiveness!


NEXT WEEK’S Event: “PARTICIPANT’S CHOICE” on Thursday, November 14th, 9 AM at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison

Regulars and new comers, alike, are encouraged to suggest questions and topics for next week’s session.  What are some of the best lessons you have learned in the real world of job search–what had produced results for you?  What are some of the highest barriers to your job search SUCCESS?  Are there any special topics you would like to see covered?

This is PARTICIPANT’s CHOICE week, so don’t be shy.

This could become our most treasured session of the year… a real INTERACTIVE learning experience.  So, SHARE THIS POST with your network…bring a guest… come with an ‘accountability partner’ of choice.


Following our Thanksgiving Day break, Thursday mornings will be for accountability pairs only on a scheduled basis…all the way into The New Year!  Oddly enough, our topic for Thursday the 21st is Embracing The Holidaze during jobsearch.

Next Week’s Event: CLOSING THE DEAL-Interview STRATEGIES…Thursday, November 7th @ 9AM at The Egg and I Restaurant

Please SHARE THIS POST with your network.  Thursday, November 7th, we will focus on Interview strategies, including MoneySpeak and interviewingincluding a POST-Offer Negotiation Approach.  This stuff is worth your practice time in anticipation of that terrific offer you’ll get!

We meet at The Egg and I Restaurant (NW Quadrant of Arapaho and Montfort) in Addison.

Come prepared to work on YOUR most difficult or challenging interview issues.

As it is important to be prepared for pre-mature discussion of salary…

“He who mentions money FIRST, loses!”

When an offer is extended to you, you should feel prepared to respond appropriately AND consider optimizing the package offered.

Who should attend?

  1. Those who want to perform more effectively in actual interviews–get to the offer!
  2. Those seeking a systematic, focused, more predictable way to conduct any interview and discussion of salary;
  3. “Regulars” who need a ‘booster shot.’… and bring a guest;
  4. New Comers and tire kickers… this is a great session with which to supplement your job search effectiveness!