THIS Week’s Event: CLOSING THE DEAL-Interview Tactics…Thursday, February 27th @ 8:45 AM at The Egg and I Restaurant

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Thursday, February 27th, we will focus on Interview TACTICS, including MoneySpeak and interviewingincluding a POST-Offer Negotiation Approach.  This stuff is worth your practice time in anticipation of that terrific offer you’ll get!

We meet at The Egg and I Restaurant (NW Quadrant of Arapaho and Montfort) in Addison.

Come prepared to work on YOUR most difficult or challenging interview issues.

Understanding Interview Process

Every step in the job search process is aimed at obtaining interviews.  It is at that point, a potential hiring manager decides if you are right for the job, and, just as important, it is your time to evaluate whether the job is right for you.  Most interviews follow a predictable format, with steps that both the interviewer and applicant follow to decide if both will benefit from working together.  The ‘flow’ will generally move from discussing you and your background (meeting requirements) to discussion of the job (meeting real expectations), and finally on to how well you FIT into their future plans (goals).

The best interviews are ones in which both participants are equal and have a mutually beneficial, interactive conversation regarding the opportunity at hand.  Think of an interview as the natural extension, the successful result of your effective networking.

Many networking conversations actually become screening interviews, where influential contacts are assessing your qualifications, skill sets and experience relative to an opportunity at hand.  “Perfect practice” of the basics builds the confidence necessary to perform well in formal job interviews.  Let’s break down the basics into four areas…

  1. pre-contact preparation/ research,
  2. greeting and rapport,
  3. questions/answers, and …
  4. meeting closure.

All four stages are equally important and deserve your consideration and preparation.


This is a great session for new comers… bring your friends… and, as always… SHARE This Post!

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