There will be NO Thursday Morning Session this week… It’s SPRING BREAK!!!

The FOLLOWING THURSDAY Session, May 1st, will focus on Interview STRATEGIES, including MoneySpeak. or PRE-Offer negotiation knowledge and skills.  Come prepared to work on asking and answering questions effectively.

Answering Questions Effectively…

A famous coach, of Green Bay Packer fame, spoke frankly when he said, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”  Mr. Lombardi’s intent was CLEAR.  He wanted his players to concentrate on PRACTICE, drilling on the “little things”, the basics, so that they became instinct during the heat of real life. Such is productive mindset during any career transition, specifically related to your ability to relate your well positioned “story” to others, answer questions effectively, conduct productive negotiations, and, in general, fine tune your personal salesmanship skills.  So what are those basics that will allow you to effectively “close the deal?”

  1. Practice your two minute drill every chance you get…. it’s the fundamental building material of your communication strategy–your verbal collaterals!
  2. Practice your exit and qualification statements… most all potential employers and networking contacts will want to know your current situation and why you are available.
  3. Practice answering both common and tough questions… including pre-offer negotiation tactics.

The most asked question during career transition is, “Tell me about yourself.”  Appropriate use of your two-minute drill and related verbal strategies, your “verbal collateral materials,” is a key ingredient to personal marketing…

The key to being successful in an interview is to answer each question well, with strong content and credible delivery.  To do this, you must anticipate and practice what to say, display confidence and enthusiasm and show that you have a positive attitude.

The way you deliver your responses can be just as important as what you say.  Look directly into the interviewer’s eyes; give short, crisp, smooth answers that don’t sound memorized.  Put energy in your voice.  Consider one of the following guidelines in answering questions relative to your communication strategy…

  1.  ANSWER the question. 
  2. Highlight strengths, giving examples as appropriate… plays to behavioral interviewer style and tactics.  Minimize weaknesses.
  3. At least address the issue of the question before
  • Blocking
  • Turnaround
  • Answering in your terms
  • Confronting or changing the subject!

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