So…What IS the OTHER Job Market?

Tomorrow’s session, Thursday, September 4th, will address the age old question… and an excellent one to constantly revisit: How do you make yourself stand out against the other candidates in the marketplace?

My ‘ANSWER’ hasn’t changed in 30 + years of both many years in Corporate recruiting -and, more recently- many years of providing career consulting and job search assistance in the digital age of social media and ATS…

Simply stated, the traditional ‘job market’ is loaded with traps for the normal job seeker: Applying on-line along with your competition, increasing the odds of rejection and causing a premature, YES-NO-MAYBE judgment…The digital HR screen that judges you by keywords instead of value proposition… and, by the way, what ARE the ‘right’ keywords?

At DFWCareerpilot we learn to “Embrace The OTHER Job Market,” the one driven by hiring authorities who seek the most qualified and affordable candidates (would you expect less?)… the one driven by the choice of pre-qualified candidates who have already established a relationship with appropriate professionals–with and surrounding the hiring authority!  A job seeker can ‘stand out’ because there is much less rejection (less competition) and controllable yes-no-maybe judgments.

MORE?  See this handout in the Resources Tab above.