THIS Week’s Workshop: A Special Topic: Your LinkedIn Primer…Thursday, February 19th, 8:45 AM @ The Egg and I in Addison

Building on the concepts of In Sync Personal Marketing Collateral materialss, this week’s Event will focus on content issues for a high impact, productive Lin kedIn Profile…. and MORE.

Actions requested:

Bring your laptop (or other wi fi-enabled editing tool) if you want to do some self-inflicted, hands on editing of your Profile…. or have other techno-questions… everyone will have the opportunity to practice their verbal collateral materials.

The 411…

Let’s consider the difference between good and GREAT.  Why agonize over the creation of “the perfect LinkedIn Profile?”  You’ve seen sketch artists capture the real you in a matter of minutes… 

  • The time that you spend developing a GREAT Resume Template is some of the most valuable time that you’ll spend while in career transition.  A “GREAT” Resume is a dynamic documentation of your communication strategy, the vital epicenter of your Personal Market Plan. 
  • USE It in crafting an appropriate LinkedIn Profile.
  • Developed in parallel with your two-minute drill strategies and your resume, your LinkedIn Profile will have clearly positioned and targeted marketing collateral that will serve you well.  Yes, written and verbal collaterals that are in synch with each other, will create and dispense your marketing message.

This week’s workshop encourages you to communicate what you are capable of and motivated to do in the future, using your past as supportive evidence.  Does YOUR LinkedIn Profile truly “FIT” your career objectives?  By learning and following the guidelines suggested this week, you will find the “journey” to your destination, successful career transition, to be smooth sailing.  

Plan to attend this THURSDAY at 8:45 AM…

Who should attend:

  1. Job seekers who have not achieved productivity in their ONLINE efforts
  2. NEW Job seekers who need to develop their collateral ‘arsenal’
  3. Those that understand they must ‘tweak’ their resumes from time to time… but don’t understand HOW
  4. DFWCareerpilot ‘regulars’ with specific questions

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