THIS Week’s Workshop: Embracing The OTHER Job Market ++… Thursday, May 28th @ 8:45 AM at The Egg and I Restaurant

This is a good place for new comers to start with DFWCAREERPILOT.   To optimize your understanding and use of the DFWCareerpilot message, Thursday, May 28th,  we’ll focus on defining the OTHER Job Market and learning a very different approach to job search activities.  ++ We have a special INTRO presentation by a guest speaker, Ms Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby.  This should give you a terrific way to ramp up your efforts in the summer ahead.

A thought to consider for Thursday:  If you wanted to fail at your career transition…what actual activities could you be doing?  Be prepared for a lively session this week.

We meet  at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison, located 1 block east of the Dallas N Tollway. See Map on the right ==>

If an individual is under-employed, seeking a change, or actually unemployed, they must be visible to potential employers who are seeking their services.  Creating this visibility is strategic, personal market planning and execution—it can be marketability without rejection!  Remember…

 Personal Marketing is a contact sport.

The one thing you’ll need to know, and understand HOW to execute, for the rest of your career…

Never be a job-hunter again!!!  It’s OK to be an interested, available and highly marketable professional.  Always seek a good CAREER “FIT.” 


Please SHARE this Post with a friend or two that you think may benefit from the information and interaction…

Come prepared to practice your telephone presence.   YOUR “PRE-session HOMEWORK” is to increase your first level contact list on LinkedIn by TEN NEW individuals… and add ONE NEW GROUP to those you have already chosen.


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