THIS Week’s Special Event: A LinkedIn PRIMER… 8:45 AM, Thursday, July 2nd at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison

If you have already set up your basic “footprint” in LinkedIn, your TASK#1 is to make a simple decision… do you want to use LinkedIn…

  • To PUSH your story out to the marketplace?… PUSH Strategies can help you harness the power of direct marketing. Or
  • To PULL interested individuals and potential employers to you?… PULL Strategies will help you to optimize your SEO, using concentrated keywords to draw people to your Profile. Or
  • For BOTH Push and Pull strategies to get the best of both worlds of personal marketing and branding activity. Draw people to your Profile with focused used of keywords, but keeping it narrative and interesting enough to make your story more ‘reader-friendly.’


Your FIRST task is to set-up your basic profile information… note that in our twelve step process, this comes after developing your (initial) Market-Ready resume and validating it by ‘coaching’ your References.

For your first pass at a Profile, go to the top navigation bar and select Profile/ edit profile… all editable elements will have a pen icon that lights up when you move your cursor over…

  • Your Headline… THE Prime Real Estate that search engines look at first, and that follows you around everywhere you go in LinkedIn. Start by simply cutting and pasting from your resume’s contact information and Positioning Statement (including defining KEYWORDS)
  • Your Qualification SUMMARY… the place search engines look second (are they in the right neighborhood?) Again, start by simply cutting and pasting from your resume text.
  • Your Professional Experience… This is the ‘meat’ of your story and is easily centered on your KEYWORD strategies. Once again, start by simply cutting and pasting from your resume text.
  • Your formal Education and Training… Again, start by simply cutting and pasting from your resume text.

AS A START, Yes, your LinkedIn Profile is a direct reflection of your resume!  DEVELOP YOUR DIGITAL BRAND by making the PUSH/PULL decision mentioned above and adding to your basic communication strategy appropriately.


How do I use Linked-In for my job search? LinkedIn is a powerful search engine. Last year over 5 billion searches were done Linked-In.

To get started with digital search for the right employment, go to the tool bar on top with the Linked-In logo; there is a search box, a magnifying glass on a blue tab and an advanced tab. Click the advanced tab and it opens a screen with the option of searching for People or Jobs, the default setting for people. Using the advanced tab allows you customize your search. In the keywords filed, enter your search terms, for example, “mortgage underwriter,”  your zip code and 25 miles from your zip code (generally the distance most people are willing to commute to work) it returns a list of people with those terms in your network.  If you click on the jobs tab and enter “mortgage underwriter”, your zip code and 25 miles from your zip code it returns a list of all the jobs posted on Linked-In within 25 miles of your zip code.

The dropdown menu at the top left allows you to further customize your search by a person’s name, title, company and other search criteria. On the jobs tab, simply listing a company, your zip code and 25 miles, if will return all of the positions posted on Linked-In at that company.

One last point on searches: once you have run a search, and it’s one you want to save, click on the “save search” next to a gear wheel in the upper right corner of the search screen. Name the search & select the delivery option – daily or weekly – the saved search becomes a search agent that will return any new jobs posted since your last search on a daily or weekly basis. And it’s possible to have multiple saved searches & search agents with different search terms.

Stay tuned to this blog for Task#3

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