Your Career CompassEleven out of twelve steps in our job search process are aimed at obtaining interviews and performing well in them.  It is at that point ‘selection interview,’ a potential hiring manager decides if you are right for the job, and, just as important, it is your time to evaluate whether the job is right for you.


Thursday, August 4th… Closing The Deal I, exploring interview strategies, including MoneySpeak and PRE-Offer negotiation.

Pilot OnboardMost interviews follow a predictable format, with steps that both the interviewer and applicant follow to decide if both will benefit from working together.  The best interviews are ones in which both participants are equal and can have a mutually beneficial, interactive conversation regarding the opportunity at hand.

While I do not like to use the word “normal” as applied to any interviewing process (too many variables), I do encourage any job seeker to come into any interview with a strategic approach… Think of an interview as the natural extension, the successful result of your effective networking.

Many networking conversations actually become screening interviews, where influential contacts are assessing your qualifications, skill sets and experience relative to an opportunity at hand.  “Perfect practice” of the basics builds the confidence necessary to perform well in formal job interviews.

  1. Appropriate and productive networking TO an employment opportunity, coupled with supportive research, will allow the job seeker a solid notion of FIT going into the interview… How does their value proposition meet the employer’s needs?
  2. A couple of well thought out questions, asked in those first few minutes of the interview, will confirm that notion of FIT… and set the job seeker’s approach to the ensuing Q&A.
  3. Understand and be prepared to apply the guidelines of answering questions effectively…NO NEED for the memorization of anticipated questions!
  4. BE PREPARED to address money issues at all times, right up to your actual acceptance of the offer… Step #12 in all its glory.

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