Special Presenter This Week, Thursday, May 24th: Jeff Morris, Founder and Webmaster of CareerDFW

Giving you the tools you need to land your next great opportunity.

Such is the goal of CareerDFW.  Jeff has played a tremendous role in the leadership of community based job search support groups in the Dallas area…and he has his own Group that meets in North Plano every Friday morning.

THIS WEEK’s Session, Thursday, May 24th:  Exploring the CareerDFW website with its Founder and Webmaster, Jeff Morris

roadsign-banner2If you are a job seeker in the DFW Metroplex, you are blessed to be living in the best place in America to be unemployed: good industry mix, excellent community-based (free) resources, and an economy that just keeps on growing.  The best way to take advantage is to ’embrace the OTHER Job Market…’ by understanding the key words in the CareerDFW’s GOAL…

chalk1Professional individuals should consistently be aware of and in the market for their next great opportunity. This is an efficient and productive career strategy that will serve anyone well for the rest of their working life.

DFWCareerpilot, quite similar in name, shares in and totally supports this common goal, helping professional people navigate the challenging waters of career transition.

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