DFWCareerpilot Session on Thursday, July 28th: “Closing The Deal”

THIS WEEK’s Presentation, “Closing The Deal,” is on telephone and interview issues and skills.  It is based on the consistent execution of a person’s Personal Marketing Plan.  It will provide several models to create a consistent set of activities meant to accelerate one’s productivity and efficiency during active search.


  1. Professionals who seek a good fit in their next employment… a Career FIT!
  2. Job seekers who are frustrated by today’s soft job market and their performance IN it
  3. Those frustrated by  lengthy unemployment, few interviews… wrong or NO offers… 
  4. Employed, or UNDER-employed individuals who seek to identify appropriate ‘next steps’

This portal serves as the communication hub for a FREE, WEEKLY Career Transition Event held at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison, TX… every Thursday morning at 9 AM.

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