NEXT EVENT: Thursday, September 29 at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison, TX 9 AM

This is the next in a weekly series of FREE career transition workshop events.  Yes, networking happens at these events, but our purpose is to learn innovative “HOW TO” approaches into The OTHER Job Market.  Both strategic and tactical issues and models are incorporated… this week?…

Digital Collateral or Collateral Damage?

We will explore your LinkedIn Profile as your means to brand yourself in the social networking arena.  Some selected topics to address:

  1. Creating a compelling headline
  2. To SEO or not to SEO… finding appropriate ‘middle ground’
  3. Staying in synch with your other collaterals


  • LinkedIn Members who seek to improve their social media presence
  • Professionals formerly reluctant to engage social networking
  • As always, GUESTS of our DFWCareerpilot regulars, and…
  • First time visitors… this session is a great place to start!

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