NEXT EVENTS: Home for the holidays!!!

Our next Thursday morning event at The Egg and I restaurant will be Thursday, January 5th at 9 AM.

In the interim, I will be offering a free webinar in the same time slot… the first one being December 1st at 9 AM.  To be ‘invited’ so that you may REGISTER for the DFWCareerpilot Webinars… you simply need to email me, stating your interest in participating.


WEDNESDAY, December 14th, from 8:30 AM-1:00 PM

Stay tuned for a very special, half day workshop in which we will work our way through all significant process models… including practice time!!!  This workshop will be modestly priced, with participants sharing the fixed cost of $500…There will be limited registration–first ten to pay their $50 portion will be admitted.  Lunch will be served.  Your guests are welcome!

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