Beyond the cliche’…

Items #8 and #9 are the most critical to career transition success… and the most UNDER-utilized…

You’ve heard the cliche’, “Failure to plan is planning to fail…” so, exactly how does it apply to your active job search?

If you have engaged our 12-step Process, the first seven steps have prepared you for success by providing the content of an efficient planning process.  So, now’s the time to actually set your plan… in writing, and commit yourself to it with a sense of accountability on a weekly basis.

The “typical job seeker” begins an active job search well before they are actually prepared to succeed!  The result is that they quickly create a chaotic, unfocused, “random search” for their next job.

A smart professional is always prepared to conduct an effective career transition to ‘their next appropriate employment.’  Note the change of language, here… this mindset is important.  In creating your PMP before the chaos, you will avoid most of the common barriers to success.

The Careerpilot’s POINT (Chinese gong or ship’s bell in the background, please!):  Why subject yourself to any “yes-no-maybe” screening before you have initiated contact with key relationships?  It is simply not worth the harm you have created to your career transition SUCCESS!

So, after you have prepared yourself for the transition ahead, here’s the final 5-steps of the 12-step M.A.P. (Model Action Plan)…

 8. Develop Personal Marketing Plan

     – Actionable activities

     – TIME worth spending on practice    


     – Get The Word Out!

     – Identify opportunities

 10. Convert Opportunity to INTERVIEWS
 11. CLOSE The Deal: Secure the Offer(s)
 12.  Accept Your chosen next work!

>> MORE on Implementing Your PMP

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