THIS Week’s Webinar/Workshop: Wednesday, April 4th @ 4:30 PM and Thursday Morning @ The Egg and I

Please SHARE this Post with a friend or two that you think may benefit from the information and interaction…

Be sure to let me know ASAP if you want to participate in the sequence of a Wednesday afternoon WEBINAR regarding ‘practice models’ that deal with your Personal Marketing PLAN–FOLLOWED BY our Thursday, April 5th workshop at 9 AM at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison.

While there IS A COST associated with the webinar… the Thursday morning workshop, as always, will be FREE and includes a live practice session building on the material from Wednesday.  

Your monthly upgrade fee must be paid by the final Thursday’s workshop before (or at) the end of the month prior.  LATE? Call or email Bob now.

**NOTE: Online payment is a convenience for Members and is posted at the lowest common fee basis…additional payment will be included in your monthly invoice.

 Who should attend this sequence of events?

  1. Those who might ask… HOW do I get more benefit from the webinar I will be attending on Wednesday, April 4th?
  2. Those seeking a systematic, focused, more predictable way to perform well during career transition;
  3. “Regulars” who need a ‘booster shot.’… and bring a guest;
  4. New Comers and tire kickers… this is a great session for you to supplement your job search effectiveness!

Schedule of future webinars


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