THIS WEEK’s Workshop: LinkedIn Task #1…Thursday, May 23rd @ 9 AM at The Egg and I

Please SHARE this Post with a friend or two that you think may benefit from the information and interaction…Thursday, May 23rd,  we’ll focus on TASK#1 in your LinkedIn account… Your personal profile.  Your LinkedIn Profile is as integral to your career transition success as your execution of a PERSONAL Marketing Plan.  The two work together to create the interactive foundation of your networking efforts.

And what about this ‘new’ ENDORSEMENT Feature?

1. LinkedIn endorsements are here to stay. Introduced on Sept. 24, 2012, endorsements are fast becoming a popular feature. Since the launch, more than 200 million endorsements have been issued. Users are making roughly 10 million endorsements a day.

2. Only first-degree connections can endorse you. If it seems that your endorsements are coming from people with whom you’re barely in touch, that’s because you have expanded your connections to include people you don’t know well. The fact is that most of us have first-degree connections with some people who don’t directly know our work—family, friends, colleagues or former colleagues outside our department. So prepare yourself for endorsements that seem like they are out of left field.

3. You can, and should, hide some endorsements. It’s not possible to delete an endorsement but you can hide it so that no one but you can see it. Go to the pull-down menu at the top of the screen and under “profile,” click “edit profile.” When you scroll to the “skills and expertise” section, you will see a pencil icon. Click that and you will see an option to “manage endorsements.”


We meet  at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison (NW Quadrant of Montfort and Arapaho)…


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