MURPHY’S LAW Strikes DFWCareerpilot this, our first, week in 2014… We will meet this THURSDAY, Jan 9th at The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison

Everything was in place… scheduling change locked in at The Egg and I… Handouts updated to support all of our January Events… and your Pilot was all set to guide you through the challenging waters of your career transition in 2014…

And then BUSINESS HAPPENED!  Due to this conflict, we will simply meet one last time in our regular time slot: Thursday at 9 AM @ The Egg and I Restaurant in Addison.  ACTION REQUESTED: Please fill out and submit the contact form below so that I know that you’ve gotten the word on this change.  THX.  If you had SHARED earlier announcements with your network, please share this one, as well.


In the traditional job market, the one that our Department of Labor “analyzes,” job seekers are the sellers and their potential employers are the buyers.  The commodity is JOBS and the competition is fierce.

In the OTHER Job Market, buyers and sellers hold equal responsibility for the recruitment process.  When employers have a need for someone to fulfill a specific role, often the most desired candidates are employed individuals with the credentials they seek.  Thus the employer must sell their Company to potential employees in the marketplace in order to attract the best of the lot.  Once identified, they simply select their choice and buy their services. 

In other words, the commodity is productive WORK being assigned to the most qualified individual who ‘fits’ the employers needs and departmental ‘culture.’  Often, this WORK has not been clearly defined yet and the employer has not approved an open job requisition.

Personal Marketing is a contact sport! 

We must be visible to potential employers who are seeking our services.  Creating this visibility is strategic, personal market planning and execution—it can be marketability without rejection!  So, the one thing you’ll need to know, and understand HOW to execute, for the rest of your career…

 We human beings were not born to be employed…THAT is a learned behavior.  Never be a job-hunter again!!!  It’s OK to be an interested, available and highly marketable professional.  Always seek a good CAREER “FIT,”  allowing it to evolve throughout your career… be aware of potential “next steps” at all times.

Personal marketing is an information gathering and relationship building process… use it to YOUR advantage!


ACTION REQUESTED: Please fill out and submit the contact form below so that I know that you’ve gotten the word on this change.  THX

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