Successful Interviewing and your next OFFER

Answering questions effectively

The key to being successful in an interview is to answer each question well, with strong content and credible delivery.  To do this, you must anticipate and practice what to say, display confidence and enthusiasm and show that you have a positive attitude.  The way you deliver your responses can be just as important as what you say.

PRE-Offer negotiation requires practice and the ensuing confidence during networking and interviewing process.  It is a good example of Guideline#3 in answering questions effectively…

At least address the issue of the question before…

  • Blocking
  • Turnaround
  • Answering in your terms
  • Confronting or changing the subject!

Thursday, July 23rd, we will be focusing on actual interview TACTICS that work well within our interview strategies learned in Closing The Deal I.  This will include a POST-Offer Negotiation Approach.

POST-Offer Negotiation

What is your position worth?

  1. Base Salary
  2. Any money structured enough to be paid in a regular/ frequent paycheck
  3. Unstructured or discretionary bonuses paid to you
  4. Benefits (budgeted as a ratio of base salary)
  5. Perks (becoming extinct, but not completely yet)
  6. First year vacation (what is your sanity worth?)
  7. Starting date (especially when employed -or- coupled with significant salary movement)

Under ‘normal circumstances’ you should have a salary increase as one of your objectives in career transition… NEVER sell yourself short!  Remember, you will be hired for your potential, not for what you’ve already accomplished.

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