From Our LINKEDIN Primer: Task#2… Building Your Network

Your Career CompassOn Thursday, December 15th,  our session will take a look at Turning Opportunities into INTERVIEWS.  we’ll focus on telephone skills/ scripting, call reluctance, and appropriate follow-up… all wrapped around your ‘value proposition’ for a specific job and networking your way to the decision-maker, the hiring authority.

THIS is what most job seekers call ‘an active job search…’ and is why this is STEP TEN in our Process.  HOWEVER…

This week, our session on December 8th, our focus will be on PMP implementation issues that help us to identify opportunities in the Other Job Market.

If an individual is under-employed, seeking a change, or actually unemployed, they must be visible to potential employers who are seeking their services.  Creating this visibility is strategic, personal market planning and execution—it can be marketability without rejection!  Remember…

 Personal Marketing is a contact sport.

The one thing you’ll need to know, and understand HOW to execute, for the rest of your career…

Never be a job-hunter again!!!  It’s OK to be an interested, available and highly marketable professional.  Always seek a good CAREER “FIT.”

TASK#2  Developing your Network

As you develop your personal LinkedIn prowess, specifically in this area of contact development, you will notice how your available network dynamically grows and becomes more focused.

  1. Start with the ‘low hanging fruit…’ Get skilled at the invitation process and get to your ‘tipping point’ of contact count, as quickly as possible.   Go for employees of Companies you have worked for in the past, your school alumni, and existing friends, family, and Business colleagues.  These are most likely to accept your invitation to connect.
  2. As your second level of connection grows, begin to invite MORE business/professional colleagues, customers, and vendors–those related to your career objectives!
  3. As your first level connections grow in excess of 300, begin to be more selective with your invitation process… When you can focus on contacts who are well connected, themselves, you will find LinkedIn to be a very effective ‘road map’ to efficient networking.

Remember, network development is a career strategy, not simply a job search tactic.


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Come prepared to practice your telephone presence.   YOUR “PRE-session HOMEWORK” is to increase your first level contact list on LinkedIn by TEN NEW individuals… and add ONE NEW GROUP to those you have already chosen.