Accountability Partners… the job seeker’s “buddy system”

A good accountability partner can make a major difference in one’s job search. I have seen many job seekers flounder because they launch their search efforts before they are totally prepared for the unique adventure ahead.  The power of partnering comes in to play when two well prepared job seekers come together to hold each other accountable for the activities and time management involved in productive search efforts.

You can call this coincidence if you want, I did for a while until I saw it happening over and over, and the people using the accountability partner were giving them the credit for their success. Or you could call it peer pressure … but whatever you call the ‘fuel.’ The resultant energy cannot be denied… it works.

From, one of The Careerpilot’s favorite online career resource sites…

What do deep sea diving, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and a job search have in common? Success and sometimes even survival depend on using the buddy system.

Most extreme sports enthusiasts agree that having a buddy for support is the key to success; but in a job search, having a fellow job-searcher to network with and for accountability can propel your success.

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6 Reasons You Need An Accountability Partnership

A partnership can be you and one other person, like how we start at DFWCareerpilot…or it could be a group of 3 or more like minded individuals. We start with each grouping being facilitated by a skilled and experienced facilitator.  Having had a lot of experience with facilitating accountability teams and partnerships over the years, I offer the following reasons why such activity will boost your individual job search efforts…

1) Someone to bounce around ideas with…

It can be productive when you’re stuck and not sure how to proceed on an idea or maybe with a target organization—or an individual you’re having trouble connecting with. 

2) Get that extra push you need at times

Sometimes you just need that extra little push. Maybe you’re stuck on whether or not to move forward on a certain opportunity… or maybe you’re not sure if it’s even ‘the right timing’ to proceed. On a normal day, you would probably hem and haw over what direction to take and spin your wheels but an accountability partner will be there to help you make a decision and get things done.

3) Someone who can be totally honest with you

There are times where you might feel that you are choosing the right course of action, or taking appropriate ‘next steps,’ but you’re really not. In this case, you need someone who will be honest and who feels comfortable telling you like it is, in a nice but firm way.

4) Someone you can stay accountable to

In a typical Accountability Interaction, either by phone (when necessary to stay REGULAR) or in person (preferred) you will follow a set agenda that creates a special bond with your partner(s).

It’s really rewarding to have someone to tell when you have accomplished specific goals and/or tasks. Or on the flip side it’s nice to have someone there if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and they can bring you back to reality. It’s great to know you have someone there that is counting on you to take action!

5) You drastically increase your productivity

You are focused on the most important tasks and are less likely to be drawn to all the mundane distractions, the “honey-do” list, time away from ‘all the stress,’ out of town visitors and visits—the list seems endless. You will find yourself much more productive, I promise you!

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